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The game is also available for Android.
Download from Google Play Store
It is about matching the same cards to improve memory skills for all ages. You can play the existing levels or you can build your own one.

First, the grid is built and the whole cards are revealed for 5 seconds countdown to remember the positions of the same cards. After that, they are turned over and you can pick up the same ones. When you pick up the same cards, they are turned into black and white.

On the top of screen, you can see:
- Number of same cards you have to match
- Time taken
- Total tries you have made
- Number of same cards you have completed.

To achieve high scores:
- Match the same cards as quickly as possible
- Make fewer tries with no mistakes.
You can save your scores, so that it shows on High Scores page.

The game supports the following languages:
- English
- Arabic
- French
- Spanish
- German
- Japanese
- Chinese
- Urdu
- Hindi
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Turkish
- Russian
- Korean
Except English and Arabic, all other languages are translated using Google Translate. If the language is not shown correctly, you have to install it on your device from Settings icon, then Language & input.

Play, enjoy and have fun.